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At Ignition Fitness we offer many services. What ever your fitness goal we can help you get there. Below is a list of our most common services we offer. Click onto the images below to find out more about them. If you have any queries about any of the services we offer, or how we can help your fitness related goal then please do not hesitate to contact us. Most of our training sessions are done gym free location; however if neccessary we have gym facilities at our disposal. 

With prices from £35 per session.

Personal Training

Personal Training Ignition Fitness offers many services. Our one-to-one/group personal training services can help every type of person. No matter your size, gender and medical conditions etc.  We have helped many different people. From the overweight to the underweight, people with medical conditions such as osteoporosis to helping people with cancer.  We urge everyone and anyone to ge...

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Fat Loss

    Fat Loss Fat loss is one of the most sought after goals within a gym environment for both men and woman. Ignition Fitness can help you get the look you want, and lose the inches around your hips! We take everything into consideration to get you the body you want such as; nutrition, hormonal balance, lifestyle factors and exercise ability. e . At Ignition Fitness we bring you the late...

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Pre/Post Natal Pregnancy

Pre/Post Natal Pregnancy It is becoming more widely known that exercise can help mother and child during the different time periods of pregnancy (trimesters) - Pre-Natal and Post-Natal. We can carefully develop the perfect programme for you to follow through your pregnancy journey.  There are many benefits to exercise throughout pregancy - here are just a few: Pre-Natal Im...

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The Beach Look

Beach Body Everyone wishes to look their best when they have to face the prospect of wearing less clothes in public.  You can't keep going on holiday to cold places so you can hide under layers!  You want to look forward to your holiday, not dread trying on swimming gear or going to the pool.  Within the last year the demand for a ‘beach body’ has been greater...

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Bridal Bootcamp

Bridal Bootcamp   The feeling of walking down the aisle on your big day and feeling a million dollars is desired by every bride to be. The big day is coming upon you and it is essential that you feel and look at your best. At Ignition Fitness we recognise this. Our trainers know how to train the body to peak at the perfect time…your wedding day!   Ignition fitness offers...

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Online Training

Online Training  Our online packages are for everyone. No matter where you train or where you live. We can help you to reach your goals. Unlike most online training that is copied out of a mens/womans health magazine - our online training is tailor-made to you with round the clock support. Getting to see a trainer isn't always possible or affordable, this is why we have designed this pack...

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