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Beach Body

Everyone wishes to look their best when they have to face the prospect of wearing less clothes in public.  You can't keep going on holiday to cold places so you can hide under layers!  You want to look forward to your holiday, not dread trying on swimming gear or going to the pool.  Within the last year the demand for a ‘beach body’ has been greater than ever. More and more people are going away all year round, and of course want to look in good shape when in their swimwear. 

Using our knowledge and expertise, we want to help you have the all best beach body that you can achieve. Whether its to drop a dress/waist size, or to get more muscle to show off we can help you.  We will help you get lean reducing your body fat percentage and inches around your different parts of your body.


It’s More Than Looking Good

You get more than just looking good when signing up to the ‘beach body’ service. The list of benefits your body will get from participating in this service are never ending. Here are just a handful of the changes that will happen.

  • Live a healthier lifestyle
  • Improve your skin
  • Educate you about 'dieting'
  • Get rid of the toxins within your body
  • Give you that spring in your step
  • Improve circulation
  • Reduce risks of diseases
  • Give you clarity of mind
  • Create a new you!



Initial Consultation

In your FREE initial 30 minute consultation we will discuss your goals. We will lay out a realistic time scale to hit these goals, and on top of that we will also lay out weekly goals for you to pursue! It also gives you a chance to make sure we are the right people for you!

If you decide to come on board we recommend a body composition analysis. This will measure your body fat, weight and inches around your waist, hips and chest. This allows us to chart goals that are achievable and measurable.


Nutritional Input

Nutrition is just as important as exercise when trying to achieve the beach body. We strongly recommend that all of our clients keep a nutritional diary. In this diary you will detail all food and drink that you consume 24 hours a day. This gives us an understanding of your diet. It shows us what parts need to be adapted to become healthier, and to hit your goals. A tailored nutritional plan will then be given to you. This nutritional plan will help you maximise training and obtain your goals.


Training Sessions

Each training session will be targeted to strip fat and get toned/build muscle. We will use all our expertise in this form of training to get you your beach body! We can target your fat stores and tone your muscles!

Get In Touch

Let us help you. We understand how daunting trying to achieve this goal can be. A lot of people don’t know where to start or how to tackle it. This is where Ignition Fitness comes in.

To discuss this service further or to book your FREE consultation, please contact us. Either go to our contact us page or email us directly at info@IgnitionFitness.co.uk.