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The feeling of walking down the aisle on your big day and feeling a million dollars is desired by every bride to be. The big day is coming upon you and it is essential that you feel and look at your best. At Ignition Fitness we recognise this. Our trainers know how to train the body to peak at the perfect time…your wedding day!


Ignition fitness offers a no stone unturned approach when taking you through your pre wedding training. We will give you a tailor-made nutritional programme to follow during your journey to success in addition to bespoke training, to ensure you lose the fat in the right areas. This will create a new trim, healthy, slim and radiant you, ready for the big day.






 The Bridal Bootcamp service comes in two different packages:


  1. A six week fitness programme for the bride to be.
  2. A four week bootcamp for the whole bridal party.


The first package is aimed specifically towards the bride to be. It is a six week programme which includes three training sessions per week, nutritional therapy and lifestyle therapy. This is all to make necessary changes in your lifestyle to create a trimmer you!


The second package is aimed at the whole bridal party. Here we deliver bootcamps for the bridal party. Using the latest techniques, we can do everything we can to insure you are all slim, confident and healthy for the bride’s big day.





 Both of these programmes are geared towards fat loss, getting you results, having fun and creating a happy you for the big day.


 What You Can Expect From This Service


  • Better skin tone from a toxin free diet.
  • A more toned body.
  • Slimmer and more confident you.
  • More energetic in day to day tasks.
  • Everyone feeling proud and envious as you walk down the aisle.
  • A new way of life.


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