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Fat Loss

Fat loss is one of the most sought after goals within a gym environment for both men and woman. Ignition Fitness can help you get the look you want, and lose the inches around your hips! We take everything into consideration to get you the body you want such as; nutrition, hormonal balance, lifestyle factors and exercise ability.

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At Ignition Fitness we bring you the latest techniques and science into your training sessions. We emphasise on the calories burnt after the training session, keeping your metabolism high therefore burning more fat. In a traditional gym training session you will burn calories whilst training, once you have stepped off your cardio machine the amount of calories you are burning will rapidly decline. This is where we come in; we concentrate on Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). This is the amount of oxygen your body needs to get back to a resting state. For up to 38 hours after training our way, your body will be using more oxygen, which will keep your metabolism high. In return this will cause your body to burn more calories whilst performing day to day tasks!

Resistance training is another key aspect of fat loss that is often overlooked. The old fashioned way was to tell you to do cardio and low weight high repetition training. Ignition Fitness trainers will update you on this ancient training method and show you the modern, better techniques and training equipment.

When trying to achieve fat loss as a goal, there are many factors that need to be considered. Sorry ladies, but reaching your goal of fat loss is harder for woman than men due to the lack of muscle mass and key hormones. At Ignition Fitness we recognise this and use our knowledge to get you onto the right road so you can see potentially life changing results.


Initial Consultation

Every client initially has a FREE 30 minute consultation. In this consultation we can discuss your goals and how our team can help you get there. It is also a chance to make sure we are the right team of fitness junkies for you!

If you decide to go ahead with us then we will recommend an extensive body composition analysis. In this analysis we will measure your body fat along with your posture. We also take measurements from your waist, hips and chest. Using this information we can calculate your body fat and lay out weekly goals to pursue on our fat loss journey.


Nutritional Input

Nutrition is often mis-understood when trying to achive fat loss. There are a lot of misleading (to say the least) "weight loss diets". In the long term these fad diets are just not maintainable or healthy for your body. Our trainers, all of which are qualified in nutrition, will guide you through this process. Taking you away from the myths and towards the facts about nutrition for weight loss. A tailored nutritional plan will be essential throughout training to hit your fat loss goals, creating a new you! 


Training Sessions

Each training session will be tailored to suit you. We will teach you techniques using the latest equipment to get you your results! We advise we meet for training three times a week for optimal results. However we do understand that not everyone can make this committment.


Get in Touch

At Ignition Fitness we will help you every step of the way. We realise how it can be a huge daunting challenge for some people to reach their goals, or even to begin. This why we will help you all the way, never leaving a stone unturned to ensure results and to ensure you are having fun!

To book your FREE consultation click here or email us directly at info@IgnitionFitness.co.uk