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THE most important factor when trying to reach ANY fitness orientated goal is nutrition. We offer various nutritional packages aimed to help you reach these goals. Our typical nutritional package is a four week tailored programme. Most nutritional packages you can buy are generic packages handed out to you; without taking into consideration your lifestyle, goals, size, medical conditions. They then tell you to get on with it with no support and no-one to turn to. This is why we are different. We will build a tailor-made nutritional programme around YOU. As part of the process we will go into intense depth and detail into your life. This is so we can make sure the nutritional programme is best for you and will get you results.



Initial Assessment 

In your assessment we will ask for measurements from you body so we can monitor your progress. You will also fill in questionnaire telling us everything we need to know about your lifestyle. Such as your job, sleeping patterns, eating patterns, fluid intake, social enjoyments, hobbies etc. Then you will fill out a nutritional diary for a week. This shows us what you eat, at what time and how you feel when you eat it. From this we can start to build your nutritional programme together. We will come up with day to day meal plans for you to follow. Each day you will have choices - we will not make you eat the same thing all the time or even foods you don't like! We will give you choices, recipe ideas which you can always tweak to make your own! 



Thinking of meals and knowing whats good and bad can be a mind blowing task. To help with ideas we send you a nutritional A-Z where you will find the following: 

  • The important part nutrition plays on reaching your goals

  • Recipe ideas 

  • Nutritional quantity of food 

  • Foods to avoid at all costs 

  • Which types of food to intake every day

Throughout your programme we will offer support. You will be scheduled to weekly meetings either in person, on the phone or through skype. However this isn't to say we wont be checking up on you during the week! We offer around the clock support and are always on the end of the phone/email to help you when you have a tough day or have any queries about your programme. 


Contact Us 

To find out anymore about the nutritional service then please do not hesitate to contact us. Either click here or email us directly; info@IgnitionFitness.co.uk