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Online Training 

Our online packages are for everyone. No matter where you train or where you live. We can help you to reach your goals. Unlike most online training that is copied out of a mens/womans health magazine - our online training is tailor-made to you with round the clock support. Getting to see a trainer isn't always possible or affordable, this is why we have designed this package at a fraction of the price if you were to hire us as a trainer. 

What You Can Expect

Get your pen and paper ready; the first phase of our online training is to ask you a lot of questions! This helps us understand every part of you from the hard facts of your exercise and medical history, as well as finding out what motivates you to pursuit your dream body.

Nutritional Consultation 

Every client no matter what your goal must keep a food diary of exactly what is being consumed the week before you commence with your training package. This allows us to see any dietary habits you have so we can make the right changes to your diet. This ensures we can make changes that are specific to you, instead of giving you a unrealistic diet with foods you have never even heard of!  Throughout your nutritional programme we will make adaptations a long the way to meet the adaptations of your body. Eating the correct nutrition is more of an education rather than a regime and wewill teach you what works for your body and your goals.


Training Programme

The training programmes are written in six weeks blocks from resistance training, cardio and active rest days. Depending on your goals/gym availability, your training session will vary from being gym free and within a gym. In your 6 week programme we will list everything from repetitions, weight, rest periods. These will vary each workout to keep you on your toes - it also makes sure you don't get bored of your workout. 

Our workouts and nutritional programmes work but we cant cover all the factors of reaching your goals there is one aspect that is down to you:

  • MOTIVATION - You MUST be motivated to hit your goals. Its all well and good having all the information but without motivation it is pointless. You will need to be dedicated, disciplined and focused to get the most out of your online training. 

Benefits Of Ignition Fitness

The questions still remains "Why wouldn't I just go and see my local personal trainer 1-1?". This is a fair question to ask yourself.

Unfortunatley the personal training industry is full of cowboy/girl trainers. The leading course providers are driven by targets and money, which in return means they let anyone partake in a pt course and the more passes they give the mpre money they get (average pt course is £3000). I've experienced this first hand from seeing "personal trainers" go through examination and produce a awful session, yet still pass with flying colours.

I must stress that this is nothing against these trainers; it is not their fault. It is the big corporate companies that are driven by money and promise any participant will pass and soon after be on upwards of 50K a year. When in reality they are gym pt's earning around 12K a year. This is all down to these people being lied to and tricked.

It takes a long time to learn a trade and many more crediable qulifications to show you know your industry. There are very few trainers with any crediability 

The table below highlight the likes of Ignition Fitness against other average gym personal trainers.


Our prices are a little more expensive than other online training but this is so we can give you the support you need to achieve your goals. We will be with you every step of the way and will give you support 24/7. When you take part in an Ignition Fitness package you become part of the Ignition family. Its in our best interests that you smash your goals - so we will make that happen.

  • 6 weeks package - initial fee £200 - monthly payments of £70
  • 12 week package - initial fee £300 - monthly payment of £65
  • 24 week package - initial fee £400 - monthly payments of £60 
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If you would like any more infomation on our packages or just a healthy chat! Then please do not hesitate to conact us! Either email us directly at info@IgnitionFitness.co.uk or click here to go to our contact us page.