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Osteoporosis is a skeletal disease which affects bone density. This can cause many problems such as high risks of fractures, most commonly to the spine and hips, and poor posture. Osteoporosis is often not taken as seriously as it should be; one in two women and one in five men will suffer from osteoporosis. It is also known that worldwide a osteoporotic fracture occurs every three seconds.

                                                                                                   (the stereotypical result osteoporosis can have on your body)

At Ignition Fitness we realise that it is essential osteoporosis should not go unnoticed, as people are often unaware they may be in the early stages of it. Osteoporosis is a serious disease that can affect your day to day living. Our trainers all have undergone training in osteoporosis and are qualified exercise referral trainers. This enables us to know the science behind osteoporosis and how to help you combat or even prevent it through excercise and nutrition. We will use our knowledge and the latest training techniques to help you improve bone density, posture and lower the risk of fractures.


Initial Consultation

All clients get a FREE 30 min consultation. In this consultation we ask you to fill out a questionnaire which will include injuries, any osteoporosis readings or concerns etc. This is so we can understand more about your lifestyle and condition. We can then discuss how osteoporosis can or does affect your life, and what we can do to improve this. We will also ask for any other goals you may have such as fat loss, for example.

If you then decide to work with Ignition Fitness, each client will undergo a body analysis. This includes body fat, a postural analysis and relative testing to your needs. This will give us an indication of your levels of fitness. With this information we can prescribe the best exercise and nutrition for you.


Nutritional Input

Many people don’t understand the part that nutrition plays when trying to improve or prevent osteoporosis. In fact it is often overlooked. At Ignition Fitness we get all our clients to fill in a nutritional diary. This way we can make sure you are getting all the nutrients you need to combat osteoporosis.


Training Sessions

Each training session is geared towards helping you improve bone density, strength and balance. The main exercise prescription for osteoporosis is resistance training. However when performing resistance training, it is very important to do so under a qualified individual as there are many factors to consider. Each training session is tailor-made to the individual to maximize results.


Get In Touch

To find out more about this service, or to book your FREE consultation, or if you have any questions or concerns regarding osteoporosis, then please do not hesitate to contact us. To contact us click here or email us at Info@IgnitionFitness.co.uk