Ignition Fitness

Personal Training

Ignition Fitness offers many services. Our one-to-one/group personal training services can help every type of person. No matter your size, gender and medical conditions etc. 

We have helped many different people. From the overweight to the underweight, people with medical conditions such as osteoporosis to helping people with cancer.  We urge everyone and anyone to get in touch with our team. If there is anyway we can help you, we will!


All clients, no matter what your goal is, have an initial FREE consultation. Here we can discuss why personal training will benefit you, and you can decide if we are right for you.

Once you have decided to work with us, depending on your goals, we normally advise you to have a full body composition analysis. Here we can calculate your body fat percentage, take measurements from around your waist, hips and chest, look at your posture to look for any underlying injuries and to prevent injuries from happening.


Nutrition is such an important tool in trying to reach any goal, and to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  We guide every client through nutrition. Instead of just telling our clients what to eat, we like to educate them too.

We get rid of all the processed foods and ‘diet’ foods and replace them with healthy alternatives. Do not worry, this does not mean boring diets of rabbit food. Healthy eating shouldn’t and doesn’t have to be boring. We give every client structured days off from his or her diet plan, better known as a ‘cheat day’. Here you can indulge in a naughty treats and reward for all the hard work. In our experience, it just doesn't want to be all work an no play!

Training Sessions

It's not that we don't beleive in gyms, but for the majority of our clients we believe that gym free training is the way ahead. We train our clients in their houses, gardens or parks. We bring all the equipment you need all you need to do is bring yourself and a pair of trainers!

Our training sessions have a big emphasis on functional training/strength and conditioning. This style of training will help you with day-to-day life, whilst hitting your fat stores helping get rid of unwanted fat.



The main pieces of equipment we use:

  •   TRX suspension trainer
  •   Kettlebells
  •         Bulgarian Bag
  •         Bungee harness
  •         Boxing gloves
  •         VIPR
  •         Dumbbells
  •         Medicine ball/ slam ball
  •         Swiss ball
  •         Barbell 
  •         Hydro bag

We always make sure we are continuing to learn ourselves. Discovering new pieces of equipment, reading articles and going on new courses. This way we can ensure you are receiving the highest level of training and professionalism.


Get In Touch

To find out more about personal training or any of our services, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Please go to our contact us page or alternatively email us directly at info@IgnitionFitness.co.uk