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Protein Pancakes

Published Mar 4, 2014

A protein pancake recipe to get your taste buds going. A healthier alternative to the normal pancake recipe thousands of us have on Shrove Tuesday.

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Website Update

Published Feb 21, 2014

Please be patient as we strip off some of our blogs to update our brand new website ready to launch next week.

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Published Jun 26, 2013

Ignition Fitness is offering a taster session for people interested in BURN Bootcamp on the evening of Thursday the 11th of July.

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Myths Dismissed

Published Mar 22, 2013

I have met more and more people from different backgrounds. Yet 90% of these people all had something in common. They all lived on the myths of the fitness world

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Acid or Alkaline? The Effects...

Published Feb 22, 2013

In this short article/blog I will explain the importance of alkaline. Making sure our body is in an alkaline state is very important to muscle growth, fat loss and general efficiency.

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Control Insulin to Reach Your Goals

Published Feb 12, 2013

To reach fitness goals we need to control insulin and understanding how to do this is vital. Insulin is the only hormone we have complete control of, it is responsible for breaking down foods and in return the storage as fat.

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