Ignition Fitness

Event Training

Ever since the triumph of the London Olympics, more and more people are participating in sporting events. Such as, triathlons, marathons, tough mudder, park runs, men's health challenge the list could go on and on.

Our goal is to make you excel and peak at the right time for your event, but we also put great emphasis on injury prevention via prehabilitation procedures to stop problems/injuries before they happen. We use our knowledge to create a tailored specific program that addresses issues such as muscle weaknesses and firing sequences.


Initial Consultation

With all our athletes we undertake a 30 min FREE consultation. During the consultation we get you to fill out a questionaire about their sports/events and injuries etc. From this we can research everything there is to know about the event and what demands it has on the body (if we don't already know!).

Once you have decided you would like to work with us, we will go through an extensive body composition analysis if neccessary. This involves calculating body fat percentage and taking your weight and height. We will then compare these to the average in your sport. This will give us a benchmark to look at so we can start the progress.



We will test you in a variety of areas to ascertain your existing fitness levels and highlight the areas in need of improvement. We will test all areas of fitness and biomechanics. This lets us know your strong and weak areas. From this we can start to build your program.


Nutritional Input

Nutrition is often over looked when training for an event. We have moved on ancient methodology of stuffing your face with any carbohydrate you can find. Nutrition plays a key part whilst training for an event, participating in an event and recovering post training/event. Energy is not the only aid nutrition gives us, it helps both physically and mentally. This is why we get all trainees to fill in a nutritional diary. From this we can produce a nutritional plan for you and if you need it, a supplementation plan.


Get in Touch

If you want to learn more about how we can help you train for your event then please do not hesitate to ask.  Contact us to a accredited strength and conditioning coach. Simply click here to go to our contact us page or email info@ignitionfitness-burn.co.uk