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Pre/Post Natal Pregnancy

We understand that the ultimate goal for most women is to drop the excess weight/fat after giving birth. However there is other factors to consider. Once you past our testing to ensure you are ready to continue exercise post pregnancy we can use the same philophies found within weight managment and fat loss. 




It is becoming more widely known that exercise can help mother and child during the different time periods of pregnancy (trimesters) - Pre-Natal and Post-Natal. We can carefully develop the perfect programme for you to follow through your pregnancy journey. 

There are many benefits to exercise throughout pregnancy - here are just a few:


  • Faster weight and fat loss post baby.

  • Improved circulation (decrease risk of varicose veins)

  • Enhanced muscle balance (relieves back ache and joint soreness)

  • Strengthened abdominals 

  • Eased postpartum recovery


  • Improved posture 

  • Increased stamina 

  • Increased weight loss - improved body image 

  • Increased metabolic rate                               

Initial Consultation

During your FREE 30 mins consultation our trainers will talk about you and your pregnancy so we can create a programme for you. This is a very important part of the process as there are many factors to consider. Such as; how far into the pregnancy you are, family history and any complications there may be. The ultimate aim is to make sure the baby and mum are as healthy as possible. We will then discuss goals for after the pregnancy.  These usually are fat-loss and to tone up back to your previous figure, but also optimum health for your new lifestyle!


Nutrition Input

At Ignition fitness we can't stress enough the importance of nutrition and the role it plays within pregnancy. it is a key part for both mother and baby. Nutrition can assist with many factors such as:

  • Fat loss/Weight management

  • Hormones

  • Nutrition for the baby

  • Immunity

  • Healthy hearts

  • Muscle density

  • General health and wellbeing of mother and child

With the pre/post natal training you will receive a pre and post natal starter pack which includes nutritional support and a nutritional diary.  The nutritional diary is to be filled in throughout the day, so we can analyse your nutrition and tweak it for optimal results.


Training Sessions

The first priority of the training sessions is the health of the baby and mother. Prior to giving birth the sessions will consist of exercises to strengthen your back, pelvic floor and core.  This is very important in the pregnancy cycle to help with pain relief and to ensure that both mum and baby are at optimal fitness. (I know it sounds strange an unborn baby being fit - but it is true). Once given birth (one of the best days of your life allegedly, though not all would agree!), the sessions will then be aimed to building and tightening your abdominal, and help to get you back to your regular dress size.

Get in Touch
If you are pregnant or have just given birth then please contact us to find out more about pre/post natal training. We can offer you advice on how to stay as healthy as possible through your pregnancy. 
To book your free consultation or if you fancy a chat with us then click here or alternatively email us directly at info@ignitionfitness-burn.co.uk