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Rehabilitation Through Movement 

Having a 'niggle' and being in pain is one of the most frustrating experiences, especially if you cant get rid of it. This is where Ignition Fitness can help. We study human movement and the foundations of movement that apply to each individual. In using this process the we can understand why the pain is occurring and more importantly what is causing it.

"The worst kind of pain is unknown pain"

We are not and do not claim to be specialist physios or therapists. We are individuals that understand movement and the role it plays within an individual. Our expertise within movement compliments our training skills to help any clients struggling with niggles, aches and or pain. By supplementing movement based exercises within your exercise plan we don't need to take a complete stop from training and "rest the area".


Our philosophy

Our beliefs are simple movement is key. Every person moves differently, we treat each person as an individual rather than a one size fits all approach. We look at how you move and what you feel when moving, rather than lying you on a physio bed and looking at you we stand you up and watch you move.


The consultation is made up of a biomechanical assessment. Within this assessment your weaknesses will be exploited. This shows us what key movements you're 'missing' and what is causing the pain you're experiencing.  From this we can start to treat the injury through movement using hands on techniques to create a pain free environment. 


Training/Movement Sessions 

Once the consultation is done we can begin to retrain your body. Using hands on techniques to assist the movements. This is important to ensure the bone sequencing within specific movements is in the correct order. Once this is done we can move on to re training your body and Central Nervous System (CNS), creating exercises to ensure the bone sequencing is stays correct and doesn't relapse to its previous state. We want the effects of our rehabilitation to continue after we leave you, rather than treating you with massage and as soon as you go back to day to day life your bone sequencing offsets again causing the injury to flare up.


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If you are pregnant or have just given birth then please contact us to find out more about pre/post natal training. We can offer you advice on how to stay as healthy as possible through your pregnancy. 
To book your free consultation or if you fancy a chat with us then click here or alternatively email us directly at info@ignitionfitness-burn.co.uk