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Strength and Conditioning

Most people associate strength and conditioning just with athletes. Many years ago, maybe strength and conditioning was only for athletes. But now that has changed; the benefits of muscle strength and endurance is suitable for all ages for both men and woman. We all know how much the world has advanced with technology, but this has meant we all place fewer demands and stress on our muscular systems. In a word we have become lazy. Use it or lose it has never been so true.

The aim of a strength and conditioning exercise prescription is specifically to improve performance and prevent injuries, not just in sport, but everyday life. How many of us end up with poor posture from sitting at a desk all day for example? With this aim comes many benefits that can help you.

(Its not all about lifting as heavy as you possibly can. Srength and Conditioning is out of the dark ages)


Increased metabolic rate/fat loss - when building more muscle (women - this does not mean you will look like a bodybuilder) the muscle tissue directly affects your resting metabolic rate. The increased muscle tissue requires an increased amount of energy to service the muscle tissue. This mean that you burn more calories on a day to day basis, which over time will lead the burning of fat! It does this as your muscle cells become more demanding - even at rest. This means whilst resting, you will burn more calories. In contrast, fat cells are rather inactive and act more like a fat storage site.

Increased bone density - osteoporosis (especially in postmenopausal woman) is on the rise. Bones lose their density and become brittle quickly, which in returns mean breaks and fractures are more likely. It also affects your posture. The way to eradicate this is by increasing your bone density. The most effective way of doing this is through a good weight programme along with nutrition.

Anti-Ageing effects - Strength and conditioning will give you more lean muscle, a faster metabolic rate, increased strength, reduced body fatness and better posture. All of which contribute to anti ageing effects.

It's For Everyone...

Strength and conditioning can help you whatever your goal. We have a track record of excellence when it comes to safe strength and conditioning with both athletes and your day to day 'normal' person.

Even though strength and conditioning has become such a craze in other countries, it is only just becoming mainstream in the UK. So we understand this makes many people apprehensive about strength and conditioning and whether it will really help. If you have any questions or queries about strength and conditioning then please get in touch.

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