Ignition Fitness


What You Can Expect

Burn In The Park are designed to help each individual reach their fat loss goals. With every session geared towards burning fat and building muscle failure is not an option. The times of calorie counting, boring cardio workouts and only eating 'low fat' foods are a thing of the past. We take training away from the stone age and into the modern day. Making it easier for you to hit the goal you've always wanted.

Once signed up you will receive a booklet with everything you'll need to lose fat and tone muscles.

The 22 page booklet will include:

  • Nutritional guidance.
  • Foods to avoid.
  • Lifestyle advice.
  • How to track your progress.

Training Sessions

We use a variety of equipment you don't see in your everyday gym. Making training fun and different - taking you away from the egos that comes with the gym environment.

Here's just a few bits of equipment we use:

  • Tyre pulls/flips.
  • Tyre slams.
  • TRX - suspension trainer. 
  • Battle ropes. 
  • Kettle Bells.
  • Bulgarian Bag.
  • Hydro bag.
  • Resistance harness with cords.
  • Boxing gloves.

The aim of our group sessions is to get lasting results. That's why we will not fill our group sessions with as many people as possible. There is a maximum of 12 people per sessions. This ensures we can give you our full attention. Making your goals more attainable and dropping the one size fits all approach. 

Benefits to you! Average Bootcamp BURN In The Park
Training Sessions

Filling training sessions with as many people as possible.  Limited equipment - normally just a "beasting".

Maximum of 6-12ppl. Meaning more focus on you! Various gym equipment you won't find in your gym. Educating you on exercise.



Often none - occasionally a bog standard magazine cut out.

Tailored programme designed to detox, raise metabolism, burn fat and build muscle.


Track Record Little - none

Track record of training individuals and international athletes.