Ignition Fitness

Who are we?

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results" - Albert Einstein.

This is why at Ignition Fitness we design every single session/ programme with imagination, innovation, fun and most importantly to get you results as quickly as possible. At Ignition Fitness we offer an elite training service like no other. We use our experience, enthusiasm and knowledge to get you the results you want.

Why It Works

"We don't just deliver personal training sessions" says Joe " we coach all our clients through a process. A process with our philosophies, a process that is geared towards getting you the results you want. Where as most personal trainers will take you through session by session, as you pay them to do so. Ignition Fitness will coach you through a process that works for you, educating you what to do when you're away from us"

Our Mission

At Ignition Fitness our mission is to educate people so we can create a healthier community. We believe in functional training to help all our clients in their day-to-day lifestyle, we also believe in strength and conditioning making you strong and efficent to suit your lifestyle. We will dismiss the myths and tell you the facts about how to create a healthier you.

How Can We Help YOU?

Ignition Fitness can make a better, healthier, more confident you…why watch life go by when you can embrace it?

Here at Ignition Fitness we believe exercise goes much further than just improving the look of your body…it gives you a drive, reduces stress, makes you feel more confident, and makes you more able in everyday life; creating a more vibrant you!

We look at your body and goals in a scientific way. No stone is left un-turned in our approach to help you reach your goals.

Ignition Fitness can provide training in the comfort of your own home, local park or private gym dependent on which you prefer. We provide all the equipment; all you need to do is book the sessions and turn up with a positive attitude.


Our trainers have the following qualifications within the fitness industry

  • Qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer.
  • Qualified Level 4 Exercise Specialist in the Management of Lower Back Pain.
  • Accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach.
  • FASTER Functional Therapy/Performance Trainees 
  • Qualified Nutritional Advisor.
  • Qualified exercise prescription for Pre and Post Natal Pregnancy.
  • Qualified exercise prescription for GP Referal Clients.
  • Qualified Kettlebell Instructor.
  • Qualified Suspension Trainer Instructor.

Get in touch...

If you have any questions regarding fitness then please do not hesitate to contact us. If you would like to book your FREE consultation, Get in touch with Ignition Fitness. There is no challenge to big or too small for Ignition Fitness.